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Salesforce Implementation and Optimization
Solution Design and Optimization
Intacct Implementation and Customization

Salesforce Implementation and Optimization

Are you challenged by Salesforce and unsure where to start?  We can help.  At Stratify, we provide the planning framework to launch your Salesforce instance. To fully integrate Salesforce into your business, we’ll work with you to create and roll out a strategic launch plan to fully integrate Salesforce into your business. Our “Train the Trainer” approach and carefully staged rollouts improve user adoption and business success.

Has your business grown and evolved since you implemented Salesforce.com?

Our team of experienced Salesforce sales and operational professionals can assess your systems’ setup, integrations, and reporting structure to provide process improvements, eliminate needless data entry points and replace them with automated solutions. We regularly work with emerging, small, medium and large businesses; assessing the operational system side of Sales, Marketing, Program Implementation, and Accounting processes for automation opportunities, optimizing workflows, data management and app integration to meet and promote new business requirements.


Our team has pioneered intelligence-gathering techniques to help companies clarify their business model and goals for deployment on Salesforce.com. We connect end-users/and all stakeholders to map and revise business processes that work.


WorkFlow Automation

Salesforce offers a variety of options for automating your workflow processes to alleviate your team’s data entry requirements, increases lead nurturing actions, and improves your visibility and control over the data. Over-automating can have systemic consequences. Stratify will help you navigate, prioritize, and optimize your Salesforce instance to align with your business goals.

Reporting and Dashboard Development

Reports and dashboards are key components for gaining organizational insights and part of each Implementation Package. Dashboards are snapshots of organizational activity that provide visual insights into your pipeline, sales rep performance, revenue forecasting and more. We customize reports and dashboards so your business extracts the most out of your data.


Stratify will explore, build, migrate data and provide a fully functioning Salesforce for your team. We’ll work with your team to configure your Salesforce instance to best meet your needs.  We love to “train the trainer” and empower your internal super-users by screen-sharing while we build your Salesforce org. We also provide full support for businesses who prefer that option, as well as an “experience now and learn later” approach for businesses who want our experts to do the heavy lifting now and do more themselves later.


No matter where your soon-to-be legacy database is managed, we’ll use it or archive it for you. Our Stratify professionals will identify your strategic data history, map it to Salesforce and migrate/load it into your configured Salesforce org.


At Stratify, we love the “train the trainer” process, but understand it does not work for everyone. User adoption is the goal for training, and we accommodate your timeline goals. We are flexible around setting your team up for success through ongoing online office hours, one-on-one training, or group training.


You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of Salesforce options for your business. Our goal is to see your business succeed and scale your growth on Salesforce.com. We offer continuing support to help with unexpected challenges in designing new workflows, security updates, managing app partners and more…

Fast Launch Package

  • 10 hours consulting
  • Get the team up and running in a couple of weeks with our starter package plan.

Stratosphere Launch Package

  • 40 hrs of design
  • Custom implementation and training with data migration planning

Optimizer Package

  • 25 hours of design
  • With App price negotiation/training/Sales Process Automation


Hourly System Consultation

  • Minimum of 3 hours
  • Bulk hour discounts available.

Administration Monthly Consulting

  • (paid time used)
  • = 2.5 Hours

Office Hours

  • Pre-Scheduled
  • General operating questions in a public forum

Solution Design and Administration

Think about the possibilities for your business to reinforce efficiency! One of the greatest opportunities to design business processes in the cloud using Salesforce.com is the integration of third party applications (apps). Ranging from project management to analytics, marketing, HR, electronic signature, workflow automation and more. Our experienced professionals will help you navigate the app landscape to choose the ones that are right for your business.


What is Cloud-based Marketing (CBM) or Account Based Marketing Program Development (ABM)?  Cloud-based Marketing is a program that uses strategic online/email communication to reach your potential and current customer base through third-party applications like Marketo, the Marketing Cloud, and iContact that can integrate into Sales. Through Cloud-based Marketing, we can jumpstart your Marketing and ABM Programs by using analytical insights to prioritize reach and connection.


Marketing Apps

We work with Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Constant Contact, iContant, Mail Chimp, and others to help you create the most effective lead generation program for your business. We’ll help you optimize all the automation processes so that your system works like a well-oiled machine for the most impact.

Electronic Signatures

Our professionals can integrate, create custom buttons, map documents, train your team and help you launch as quickly as possible to keep your business rolling.

Workflow Automation Apps

There are some limitations for workflow and process triggers that can be circumvented with Workflow Automation Apps by CRM Guidance, EZ Workflows or Passage Technology and others.  We’ll help you discover the most efficient business processes for your sales organization.

Intacct Implementation and Customization

At Stratify, we view ourselves as not just a software implementation company, but as a strategic technology business partner. We believe our success is in the results your company realizes from employing the new technology.

We have a unique approach to the implementation of Intacct ERP.  We minimize operational disruption.  We strive to maximize the benefit of the new tool and not to duplicate your current inefficiencies.  Our methodology of implementation gets your staff using the tool immediately and then optimizes your instance over a strategic project implementation schedule.

We map out your data from your transaction collection points all the way to the reporting . We systematically move over primary functions and train your end-user staff. We assess your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identify opportunities for new statistics that could be captured utilizing the mobile and cloud technologies.  We assist your company with the cost benefit analysis for each endeavor.  Our goal is to assist management in collecting meaningful  information and organizing data to empower decision makers to execute your strategic goals.

Implementation Services

Quick Start Package

$2,00020 hours
  • AP, AR, GL, Basic Security


$7,00070 hours
  • AP, AR, GL, Project Accounting
  • Security
  • (3 months history)

Custom Package

  • Pricing based on size of company, modules implemented, and volume of data migrated

Outsourced Accounting Department/CFO for Hire

  • Full Transactional  Processing Package:  AP, AR, Cash Management, Month End Close, and Reporting: Pricing based on number of transactions, complexity of data gathering, and reporting
  • Hourly CFO Consultation: $125/hr with purchases of a minimum of 3 hours. Bulk hour discounts available

Bundled Service Discounts available


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